Hey, guys. I write stuff. Not very well. But I figured since I’m too lazy to go through the process of submitting short stories/scripts/novels/whatever else I can think of, and I’m not entirely desperate to get that sweet sweet publishing money (and lord knows if I have the skill), I’d just post it here. Odds […]

Ma: Anime’s Movement in Stillness

Editor’s Notes: This was an essay for my Japanese Animation Film Studies course. It’s pretty length because it’s a fourth year course and I had to meet requirements but it was nevertheless an enjoyable write for one of my more interesting university courses. One of anime’s most significant aesthetic aspects is the stillness in its imagery; […]

Nearly a year on

The last time I posted on this blog was about eleven months ago which makes me as active as about 99% of the authors I aspire to mirror. Really, I only need to get the publishing part down. One of those two 2017 posts I made was a list of goals I would aspire to […]


When I started writing Lightpunk (known throughout here as Solarpunk or Lumineers), I was setting out to write a very simple story: man has MacGuffin, man needs to get MacGuffin to place. Pretty much Lord of the Rings plot in the most basic terms. I wanted to see if I could write a novel, that […]

A Few More Goals In The New Year

2017 is finally upon us. As an aside to this topic. I have a random, unexplainable tendency to make absurd statements like “see you next year” or further “see you in five years”. There’s no logic behind it, it simply has it. Alas, around December and January, everyone is saying it, and thus I must […]