Alderamin on the Sky

Eight episodes into Alderamin on the Sky, I’m finally open to giving it a recommendation and if you’ve been following this show then you probably aren’t surprised as to why I’m giving this recommendation now after a relatively emotional episode. Alderamin on the Sky follows Ikta Solork and fourĀ of his allies who are citizens of […]

Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World-

Where’d you go, Jon? Eh, no comment. Let’s just pretend like I never left instead of sifting through excuses, amirite? That out of the way. Re:Zero is arguably one of my favorite animes at the moment. It has a fuckton of positives, particularly in the first twelve episodes. Subaru (the main character) seems to check […]

Erased #12 Treasure (Spoiler-Filled Review)

Oh-so rarely in all entertainment forms do you get a series that’s good from beginning to absolute end. Erased, is an exception to that tendency. I was afraid that it might end in a way that might make the show sour on me, apparently the live-action movie had a ‘weird’ ending and the series it’s […]

Erased #11 Future (Spoiler-Filled Review)

And caught up. That didn’t take long. I believe there’s only one episode left too and I fully intend on watching that episode as soon as I physically can. Future is an extremely slow and frustrating episode – don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it was a bad one, not at all, and with […]

Erased #9 – Closure (Spoiler-Filled Discussion)

I talked about Erased a while back when I was about 4 episodes in. I’m all caught up now with the latest episode of Erased – I also mentioned it entering top five territory (and admittedly, top five territory is relatively foggy but includes Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Steins;Gate, One Piece, Hunter x Hunter and […]