Ms. Marvel #12

In case you were trying to get into Marvel: with Marvel’s Marvel Now initiative, there’s really no better place to start than… drum roll, please… now. Ms. Marvel has always been a super hero series I’ve wanted to get into. I follow G. Willow Wilson on twitter and have always been interested this ‘radical’ change […]

Time To Get Into The Valiant Universe

First off, this isn’t an introduction to the Valiant universe – open disclaimer for those who may think this is a guide. Now that we’re past that. I’ve always wanted to get into the Valiant universe. I’m into Marvel. I’m into DC. Often I tried to read them both entirely but quickly lose sight of […]

Spider-Man #2

The first issue of Spider-Man was a basic introduction to Miles Morales world – the second issue carries a lot more baggage. Full discretion: spoilers incoming. We ended last issue with Spider-Man (uh, Peter Parker) arriving post-Miles Morales saving the day and taking out Blackheart after he’d defeated all of the Avengers (that is Iron […]