Ms. Marvel #12

In case you were trying to get into Marvel: with Marvel’s Marvel Now initiative, there’s really no better place to start than… drum roll, please… now. Ms. Marvel has always been a super hero series I’ve wanted to get into. I follow G. Willow Wilson on twitter and have always been interested this ‘radical’ change […]

Time To Get Into The Valiant Universe

First off, this isn’t an introduction to the Valiant universe – open disclaimer for those who may think this is a guide. Now that we’re past that. I’ve always wanted to get into the Valiant universe. I’m into Marvel. I’m into DC. Often I tried to read them both entirely but quickly lose sight of […]

Mockingbird #1 – You May Be Hallucinating This Review

The team of writer Chelsea Cain, artist Kate Nyemczyk and colorist Rachelle Rosenberg team-up for a Mockingbird five issue mini-series that’s already got you wondering what the fuck is going on from the first issue. As with most of my Marvel comics knowledge, my introduction to Mockingbird came from the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes series (I’m real […]