Delving into Non-Fiction & Historical Records

I’m pretty notorious for reading almost exclusively fiction (and fantasy fiction at that). But I’ll actually be diverting from that to try to explore more non-fiction.¬†For the most part, I’m looking to expand my knowledge on Warfare & Tactics: I’ve found a pretty nifty site that has a good list of great books, historical records […]


Here’s a random post for you. One of my favorite past times for both distracting and motivating myself is to scour r/fantasy over on Reddit, particularly for AMA’s (that’s Ask Me Anything for you reddit illiterates). I tend to read all of the author’s answers, mostly those centered around their process, how they got there, […]

I’m not a big fan of poetry.

Yeah. That. I’m in an English major which means, you guessed it, a fuck ton of poetry. Even the epic stuff, when you write it in that sort of form, it just goes over me. The Illiad. The Odyssey. Beowulf. Song of Roland. That form just escapes me and I’m not wholly invested in trying […]

Writerly Update

So. Back from an overnight shift, it’s 6 am and I’m pretty tired, but what the heck, let’s do a little bit of a writer’s update. I finished Lumineers (this really needs a name change, I used to call it Solarpunk but that’s inaccurate as well, the world has changed and evolved so much that […]

Return To Education

I think, for most of us still in our more knowledge thirsting years, we’re going back to school today (or perhaps you went back to school yesterday). It’s funny really, just a couple of weeks ago, I was wishing the summer would end, heck, even all the way back to July. I was thinking, let […]

Blog Update

One of the reasons for this blog inactivity to couple with my tiring job and general inconsistency with what I choose to dedicate my time to (this including tv, video games, among other things) is because ive often sought for generally higher quality content. Originally I wanted to do lengthy reviews but could not keep […]