Lovesick AKA Scrotal Recall

You may have heard of this little show called Lovesick or before they realized how much of an awful name it was, Scrotal Recall. It’s a British romantic comedy about a man named Dylan who discovers he has chlamydia (that’s an STD… the more you know). As a result, Dylan has to undertake meeting with […]

That New Justice League Animated Series

No, not that one you loved as a teen/kid/maybe adult… that new one they’re making that’s going to bring back Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill for runs as Batman and Joker. The one where they all sort of look like they’re still teenagers. It’s called Justice League Action. Ugh. I hate being pessimistic. Especially since […]

Tshinanu Reviews – Arrow: Broken Arrow

Arrow probably suffers a bit more from the Daredevil binge than Flash for obvious reasons, they’re far more closely related than the latter, though at the very least it isn’t in Gotham’s situation which resembles the Daredevil dynamics far more closely. Broken Arrow comes hot off the heels of Roy Harper revealing that he is […]

Tshinanu Reviews – Flash: All-Star Team Up

In a post Daredevil world, the television landscape for superheroes is hardly alike and I couldn’t help but keep that in mind whilst watching Flash, nevertheless, I still try to appreciate the show for its own merit. After all, Daredevil is far more akin to the Arrow than it is to the Flash. This is […]

Tshinanu Reviews – Arrow: Public Enemy

If you read my Flash review, then you know I wasn’t all that pleased with the latest episode, it was an all right episode but I felt it lacked a great deal. In any case, I’m hoping Arrow can at least raise the bar for the former’s slack. We left off last week with Felicity […]

Tshinanu Reviews – Flash: Tricksters

Yay, Flash time. Last time around, Barry Allen finally got around to being suspicious of Wells so him and Joe are also getting around to investigating his mother’s death again. We immediately got more information on that faithful night and got a look at Reverse-Flash pulling off his mask, I’m not sure if that’s supposed […]