Nanners Reviews – Flash: Rogue Time

Editor’s Note: I just noticed that last week’s review may have been accidentally erased. Not sure how but it is what it is   In the same vein as the last episode of Arrow I watched, I figured it might be more entertaining to review the last episode of Flash as I watch it, so […]

Nanners Reviews – Arrow: The Offer

With all that happened on yesterday’s Flash, I nearly forgot Arrow was coming today as well, and the cliffhanger they left us on the last time we’d tuned in. Arrow didn’t waste much time jumping into those two major events. Thea offering Nyssa her life proved to be more or less, a disappointing aftermath. Cooler […]

Nanners Reviews – Powers: Pilot

The first episode of Powers came out a couple of days ago and I got to watch it on IGN. Microsoft has thrown it’s hat into developing TV shows for its console and Sony has decided to do the same with Powers, an adaption of a comic book series I’d never heard of myself, and […]

Nanners Reviews – Arrow: Nanda Parbat

With this being the first of season 3’s last five episodes, Arrow kicked things into high gear and it was definitely worth it. The entire Team Arrow got some sort of development throughout this episode and it never really felt forced – though Ray Palmer’s story did feel a tad detached from the bigger issue. […]

Nanners Reviews – Gotham: Red Hood

I managed to catch up to Gotham shortly after catching back up to Flash and Arrow, and while the latter two kept me excited through my binge-watching, Gotham wasn’t able to hook me in the exact same way. It’s a case of the show not being good enough yet, or having any particular direction, yet […]