Nearly a year on

The last time I posted on this blog was about eleven months ago which makes me as active as about 99% of the authors I aspire to mirror. Really, I only need to get the publishing part down. One of those two 2017 posts I made was a list of goals I would aspire to […]

Lumineers Status Update

Still editing. 110 pages done of the second draft out of 386. Original word count was approximately 81,600, at 85,900 now. Expecting to add a new scene soon so that should make a pretty substantial 1-2k jump after I’m done with it. I once thought this story would wind up too short. I think originally […]

Some Editing Notes

I’m realizing the more and more I edit that it feels more like a fresh re-write than a genuine edit and I don’t think I’ll get a legitimate edit till the next draft or perhaps the latter half of this one. I don’t mind it all too much because I do think my story is […]

Editing & Second Drafts

When I was writing the first draft for Lumineers/Solarpunk (what did I decide on calling it again), my thought process was, just get it done, you’ll edit everything afterwards. I was looking forward to the second draft because my expectation was that this was the easy part where I just fix everything, I realize now […]

80K Milestone

Woo. 80K. I wasn’t sure if we’d hit it but we did and I’m pretty happy. At this point, I’m mainly wrapping up the story. More or less, I could end the story here and now but I believe I’m going to go back to one of my main character’s final chapter and add another […]

70K Milestone

Amidst endless distractions. I have hit my biggest milestone for when I started my novel. Now, I’m not done the story yet but I told myself for this to be publishable length, it definitely had to cross 70,000 words. I’m mostly sure that by the time I’m done this first draft, I’ll be between 75K […]