Looking Back at 2016 & Forward to 2017

So 2016 is up. A lot of people are immensely grateful regarding 2016 as the worst year ever. I’m assuming most people are being hyperbolic in regards to that so I won’t bother with the obvious arguments as to why it isn’t. It’s been a mixed bag for me, I still don’t think I’ve¬†reached a […]

Delving into Non-Fiction & Historical Records

I’m pretty notorious for reading almost exclusively fiction (and fantasy fiction at that). But I’ll actually be diverting from that to try to explore more non-fiction.¬†For the most part, I’m looking to expand my knowledge on Warfare & Tactics: I’ve found a pretty nifty site that has a good list of great books, historical records […]

Lovesick AKA Scrotal Recall

You may have heard of this little show called Lovesick or before they realized how much of an awful name it was, Scrotal Recall. It’s a British romantic comedy about a man named Dylan who discovers he has chlamydia (that’s an STD… the more you know). As a result, Dylan has to undertake meeting with […]

Lumineers Status Update

Still editing. 110 pages done of the second draft out of 386. Original word count was approximately 81,600, at 85,900 now. Expecting to add a new scene soon so that should make a pretty substantial 1-2k jump after I’m done with it. I once thought this story would wind up too short. I think originally […]

Ms. Marvel #12

In case you were trying to get into Marvel: with Marvel’s Marvel Now initiative, there’s really no better place to start than… drum roll, please… now. Ms. Marvel has always been a super hero series I’ve wanted to get into. I follow G. Willow Wilson on twitter and have always been interested this ‘radical’ change […]