Tshinanu Reviews – Atlanta Burns

So I had a long trip back from Homeworld #1 to Homeworld #2, a four hour drive in fact, and I decided to pop up a delightful – or the opposite of it –  book called Atlanta Burns (Bait Dog?). Generally, I like to spend my book reading time trying to get through the slog […]

Nanners Reviews – Spider-Gwen #1

Let’s get one thing out of the way quickly, I’m not a prominent comic book reader. Casual would be more of an apt description. Much like books, or movies or television shows, when I get into it, I get into it, and I far rather binge read/watch/consume than have to track a month at a […]

Nanners Reviews – Gotham: Red Hood

I managed to catch up to Gotham shortly after catching back up to Flash and Arrow, and while the latter two kept me excited through my binge-watching, Gotham wasn’t able to hook me in the exact same way. It’s a case of the show not being good enough yet, or having any particular direction, yet […]