Tshinanu Reviews – Atlanta Burns

So I had a long trip back from Homeworld #1 to Homeworld #2, a four hour drive in fact, and I decided to pop up a delightful – or the opposite of it –  book called Atlanta Burns (Bait Dog?). Generally, I like to spend my book reading time trying to get through the slog […]

Tshinanu Tries Unity

So yeah, that second thing I was doing is trying my luck at video game development again. Maybe I’ve mentioned it, or maybe I haven’t but originally I was going for a Computer Science major at Carleton University with hopes of getting into video game development. I quickly lacked any sort of enjoyment for it […]

Tshinanu Rambles – 24/03/2015

To my thousands of readers – I’m kidding, I don’t think I even have one consistent reader -, I’ve decided to cash out and get my own domain. I’m still unsure on if I should change up the page title but we’ll leave it as it is now. The domain itself is my last name, […]